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Tiny Home Land Development Communities 

Got Land?.... Build a Tiny Home Community

  • Build Container Homes / Rent to tenants

  • Rent to Own

  • Sell land plots and houses

  • Sell land plots for tiny homeowners

container home park_edited.jpg
container home park_edited.jpg

Container Home Park

  Tiny container communities are great rental, rent-to-own, out-right sales and lease opportunities. The easiest way to effectively manage a community is  with an onsite property manager.

  Land development / partnering is an excellent investment opportunity for 3 acres to 50 acres with tiny homes to luxury projects. Tiny home community development provides several avenues of income and  clients can make faster decisions. Great for start-homes.

  Create an online application process to approve renters and residents. That process can be as general or in depth as you see fit, but having some sort of screening process before accepting members is wise so that the character of the community matches your vision and intent for the project. 

Screenshot from 2023-11-25 09-23-30.png

Tiny Home Vision

One of the most important elements when it comes to starting your own tiny house community is the design. Check out our tiny home village plans to help you create the neighborhood that works best for you and your residents.

floor plan 40 Ft.jpg
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