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The Full Story

Step by Step

Compared to the cost of traditional land locked homes price GEWM Container houses are  affordable solutions for start-up, down sizing, luxury, vacation, rental and many other home purposes. At GEM, we help you
be design and build your home based on specific wants, needs, and vision. Traditional houses are so expensive and you can not move them.
Tiny house  average  costs $50,000. that is 87% less than a traditional home.  For many people approximately one third to half their income is dedicated housing costs and that brings people to own Container Homes tiny.

ADU Accessory Dwelling Units - State by State

It's easy to  design and customize your GEM CONTAINER home.

When you purchase a pre-fabricated GEM home, you are guided through every step of the simple to use process. We are committed to top quality design, efficiency, and personalized care. Schedule a GEM HOME DESIGNER Session NOW- and we will show you in virtual 3D what your design will look like in the online- live design meeting with you.


There aren’t any states where “you cannot build”. While there are some state-wide regulations that pertain to container homes, the majority of what you’ll have to comply with is determined at the local level. Even at that level, it’s very rare that container homes are outright forbidden. There may be regulations that affect the typical container home more than traditional comes because of their size or outward appearance, but you can almost always design around any of those challenges and still get the home built. 

Step 1: Where will you place your GEM home?

A: Find a location / Purchase... if you do not already own it or have a location. Need Help financing... let us know! Our in-house staff can help you nationwide. Local Real Estate Agents can assist with land options also. You will also need to determine the housing, zoning, permits & filing requirements.


  Does the land /site require any excavation or landscaping or  any obstructions that must be removed? 

Is the home going to be in city limits, subdivision, in the country?  IS it a full time living home or vacation home, ADU, (Accessory Dwelling Unit),  office ....or?


  Determine what's able to be installed on your site, and  decide what you want within those parameters, including a basement, pool, fencing, driveway, garage,  decks, etc,  with your local municipality. FIND LAND in your AREA HERE click. Just enter the city or county or State you desire.


B: On-Grid / or OFF-GRID.Will your home site be ON-GRID ( site has utilities for electrical and plumbing available) or OFF-GRID ( electricity can be provided by internal generators and or solar panels to your home design).

  Determine the type of foundation most appropriate for your location. Gem homes can be built on wheels so you can move it should you ever decide to do so.


While your home is being constructed, your site work should be in progress. The site is required to be complete by the time your home is finished being built.


Step 2:  Design and customize your GEM Plan Your Home.  Schedule an online session and we will walk you thru the design process in 3D and walk thru your home and how it will look with your design.

C:  Get online, with a live video meeting with a GEM representative and use the GEM ONLINE CONTAINER HOME Designer App  (GEM DESIGNER) and walk through the design of your home. Customization of floor plan and interior, window placement, rooms, kitchen, lofts, furniture, etc. can be made in this process. You can see what your homes will look like and print your GEM home design. Changes or modifications can later be made if you decide to change or add features and functionality to your home.  We will build your home to your final design and specifications.


  With GEM 3D CONTAINER HOME DESIGNER  APP you can plan every aspect of your dream home and how it will look- inside and out. Modify our existing GEM designs or customize and create your own.  In this session you can virtually walk through your GEM house design as you create your home.


GEM will create construction drawings, which we will review and notify you of any issues.


D: Choose a floor plan from our pre-designed GEM Home  layouts, select your exterior and interior finish colors and pick add-ons like porches or decks. We can discuss any further customization ideas you have.

Develop a budgetary estimate for your project as a whole based on your site, along with the cost of your home based on customization.

E: You  will receive a price and purchase contract that reflects the total cost to build and deliver your GEM Container Home based on what we both agree, including any special assistance required on this process.


Some locations will require site inspections when the home is completed.

F: We build your GEM Home in our 100,000 sq. foot plant in Michigan City Indiana after signing the contract and payment is made. We can provide a video feed for you to see the progress, and can also schedule a visit to the factory if you like.


Step 3: Delivery and Installation.

We will arrange for your home to be packed onto a truck and driven to its final destination.


We will provide a checklist to review after your home is installed to be sure everything is working properly. We ask that you do this prior to moving in. Some municipalities require a final inspection by licensed officials, but we will determine that prior to developing your contract.


That's it! Enjoy your GEM HOME for many years!


Your House- Your Design

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