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WHAT A GEM... You Design it... we will build it!

Starter Homes to Luxury Homes & ADU's

100% Effective Space Utilization makes it seem much larger!


ADU Accessory Dwelling Units - State by State

Luxury Custom Homes

Custom Designed  Homes from 320 sq. ft. to 6000 sq.ft.

. Customize Your Home - Inside and Out

Tell us where you want the rooms, walls, loft, windows & doors, kitchen,

bedrooms, furniture, shelving, closets, decks, porches, over hang.

GEM Home Communities

Click for Special Purpose  TINY  Houses / Tiny Apartments / Bunkhouse / Camps / ETC.

Design - Manufacture - Deliver - Installation

Land Developers - Apartment Housing - Emergency Housing

GEM - Cabin/Vacation Housing / Workspace


Custom Wood & Metal Fabricated Furniture

Tiny Home Communities are developing across america because they provide a meaningful, cost-effective solution to many people. GEM  Homes provide good options for start-up home, luxury homes, downsize homes, Veteran homes and communities and others. ADU's are growing in popularity in states across America. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a small, self-contained home on the same lot as a single-family home. As cities and towns across the country struggle with a housing shortage, policymakers are looking to legalize and even fund the construction of accessory dwelling units, or "granny flats," on existing residential property. This could mean a tiny home in the backyard. The idea is to boost housing density in a city in desperate need of new housing.

Your GEM Home 

  Your next home should be a GEM! Be part of the housing transformation that's SHIFTING the way we live. GEM'S groundbreaking approach to housing and sizing technology is our commitment to affordability, availability and comfort in GEM Housing. GEM is changing the housing industry.

 GEM Homes are built in our 100,000 Sq. FT. Facility in Michigan City, Indiana.


   Our technology and  designs offer affordable beautiful housing that has never been done before. GEM brings home owners , high quality, customization housing at a fraction of the traditional price. From  Tiny Startup Models  to luxurious modular designs. From 160 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft.Some images this site are not provided  as representative of GEM designed home but to give you ideas and concepts. Your GEM Home will be custom designed by you and GEM.
   GEM offers pre-designed with options to customize houses from $30 k to $275k.... with financing, delivery and installation available of your home. We have presented various tiny home images for ideas and concepts to assist in talking about your design, floor pan layout, interior, and customization of your GEM HOME when you schedule and online design session.

single container  home interior view interior2_edited.j
container component view.jpg

From Concept-Design-To Finished Home...
"Gem is With You! Every step of the way"... Emmanuel Boose CEO


"GEM Homes are cost-effective housing solutions for  every need. Grow as you go....from start-up home to luxury homes to bunkhouse apartments to vacation home to getaway homes -- GEM HOMES fits your budget!"... Gary Plunk /C.O.O.
From design to delivery and installation.

GEM is a minority owned business specializing in housing solutions for all purposes."
Emanuel Boose C.E.O / Gary Plunk C.O.O.

Gary Plunk with Emmanuel Boose.jpg
GEM Enterprises is a minority owned manufacturing company.
"We are with you each step of the way...Emmanuel" Boose / CEO

Features of GEM Container House Plans 

Optimized Space Utilization

GEM homes make every inch count. From built-in  tables, shelving, seating, bedrooms, lofts, stairs, kitchen, bathrooms, and storage.  Creative and functional use of all spaces separates GEM from all others.. 

Open Floor Plans: 

Removing partitions and embracing open spaces ensures that your home feel like much more space. 

Large Windows and Good Lighting: 

Large windows invite natural light, combined with effective use of  artificial  accentuate the depth of any room. 

conbined for bakcground.jpg


Changing the World one life at a time through...housing, jobs and skill training. Authentic housing solutions for all walks of life. GEM Homes make it easy to own your home. Promoting generational wealth and restoring dignity through education and skill training. The images on this website are for concept and ideas only and not representative of actual GEM Designs.

GEM Services

What We Offer

GEM Container Home Process: 

  1. Create your  GEM Container Home Design and Purpose

  2. Buy land & Purchase or Finance the home

  3. Purchase and Design interior floor plan with Gary or Emmanuel

  4. Decide the foundation / trailer and/or  foundation

  5. Delivery and Installation


GEM is with you every step of the way!

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